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Choosing A Family Medical Practice

"Choosing a New Family Medical Doctor"

Comprehensive Medical Care for Your Entire Family

When a patient is not feeling well, going to the doctor and getting the care necessary for becoming well again is the goal. Unfortunately, this is not always the experience that many patients get. Selecting a doctor who understands the inherent needs of patients and urgency of symptom alleviation is key. At Macley Family Practice and Walk In Clinic, we understand the values that our patients place importance on. With an experienced family doctor on staff and a medical office near Suwanee, care is easy to find, and adequate health resolutions are abundant. Simply put we care about you and your family's health.

As a primary care practice, the professionals at Macley Family Practice and Walk In Clinic provides primary care services to patients of all ages. From children to elderly patients, this Suwanee medical facility is capable of handling general illnesses and common conditions. While routine exams are a popular appointment request, illness symptoms related to mild conditions, such as the cold and flu, allergies, and even minor injuries can be treated at the Walk In Clinic. Patients who are experiencing chronic conditions can also discuss their concerns with a primary care doctor.

Our Mission and Insight

The family medicine approach to consumer healthcare holds lifestyle choices at the center of maintaining a properly functioning internal system. Diet and exercise are beneficial for preventing illness and chronic conditions. Working with each patient individually to discuss important lifestyle modifications and appropriate medical care helps us promote long-term health and well-being for our patients.

Identifying the factors that are causing disease and understand the importance of wellness screenings is key to helping patients manage their own healthcare. Our primary care physician understands that the responsibility of patient health is placed on both the patient and the provider who is educating patients on healthcare matters. We share everything from health concerns, lifestyle changes and accomplishments with you!

Macley Family Medicine Apart: A Unique Facility

Our Walk In Clinic and Urgent Care facility are just as unique as our patient goals and situations. With decades of experience in treating patients of various ages, our professionals take the time to listen to each patient, observe their concerns and help develop a healthcare plan that fits everyone’s lifestyle.

At Macley Family Medical, we strive to form a partnership with our patients to treat medical conditions and alleviate health concerns. If it is determined that a patient needs a specialized form of care, a referral to a trusted specialist is provided. The essence of our location allows us to easily collaborate with specialty clinics, including obstetrics and gynecology, radiology and imaging, orthopedic surgery and more. We base our priorities on those of our patients.

What Medical Services are Offered?

To provide convenience to our patients, we provide a wide array of services, tests and examinations. These options include:

Acute Care & Injury Care Allergies Asthma Blood Tests and Limited Lab Services Chronic Disease Assessment and Treatment Education and Focus on Exercise, Weight Loss & Nutrition Flu, Common Cold & Strep Throat Symptom Diagnosis and Treatment Mental Health Physical and Wellness Exams Skin Diseases & Skin Conditions

And much more!

Tips for Choosing a Primary Care Physician

Determine Which Physicians/Facilities are "In Network": Many healthcare plans have negotiated, discounted prices for physicians and/or facilities who are within their "network." Patients will pay lower costs when visiting these healthcare professionals and will have fewer "surprise" out-of-pocket costs. Be sure to check with the facility to make sure the primary care doctor is "in network" for your insurance plan.

Find a Physician Whose Experience Meets Your Healthcare Needs: The beauty in choosing a family doctor, like Dr Clement Ayanbadejo, is that they specialize in a wide variety of care in various patient age groups. They are trained in practice to differentiate between illness and conditions that they can diagnose/treat and which ones require more specialized care.

Ask for Referrals: Chances are, if patients have had a good or bad experience at a medical office near Suwanee, they are going to make appropriate referrals or deferrals for care at that location. Searching for reviews online for a family medical practice Suwanee will bring up Macley Family medical as a top choice.

Consider Logistics: Hours and location matter, especially when it comes to convenient care during a period of illness. Searching for a "doctor near me" on the internet will turn up a plethora of results. Be careful in choosing a "doctors office near me" until you have thoroughly reviewed the practice, values and patient referrals.

Visit the Doctor: Do this to check out the facility, location and standard of care. Chat with the doctor and become familiar with them. A face-to-face visit to a family medical practice will allow you to observe the environment and the staff-patient interactions. Oftentimes, the environmental features of a doctor in Suwanee will tell you all you need to know about the practice.

We Are Here to Help You!

Seeking Urgent Care from a doctor in Suwanee can be a scary experience. The discomfort, the cost and the unknown make visiting a Suwanee medical facility stressful for patients. Let us help share that burden with you. Dr Clement Ayanbadejo and his staff are ready to help you get healthy again and manage any chronic conditions that are ailing you.

As a Family Medical Practice that also provides Walk In Care Clinic provisions and Urgent Care abilities, Macley Family Medical provides essential services at affordable costs in a timely manner. So, instead of searching for a "doctors office near me," trust the experience and dedication of our healthcare professionals. Our family medical practice Suwanee will provide more exceptional care than a "doctor near me" search could ever suggest.

Visit to explore medical care options in Duluth, GA today. Appointments can be scheduled online or by phone at 678-257-2832. One of our friendly staff will be waiting to speak to you about your health concerns.

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