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Physical Exams, Vaccinations, Diabetes, 

Weight loss and more.  

Pediatric, Adult and Geriatric Care

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Whether it is a minor sprain, fever, ear pain, or a complex medical problem, we are here for you. Our friendly and competent staff, including board-certified physicians, utilizes the latest medical technology to diagnose medical problems and recommend treatment.

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At Macley Family Practice, our goal is to provide you with comprehensive and compassionate medical care without the long wait.

Dr. Ayanbadejo and staff are committed to providing Gwinnett county the best possible primary care efficiently and affordably. 

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Macley Family Practice and Walk-In Clinic


We care about your health and well-being. At Macley Family Practice and Walk-In Clinic, we will provide you with comprehensive and compassionate medical care that will help you achieve your long term health goals. This without having to wait long because our team of professionals will be happy to readily assist you with the best primary care and family practice Duluth, Georgia has to offer. Here at Macley Family Practice, we strive to:

Importance of a Primary Care Physician

  • Provide preventive care and self-protective measures towards diseases

  • Advise lifestyle choices suitable for every individual patient

  • Educate patients on health promotion, self-management, and prevention

  • Cater to urgent care needs

  • Represent a trusted and reliable health care system


Our Dedicated Medical Team


Here at Macley Family Practice and Walk-In Clinic, we have both an attending physician and a nursing professional. 


Meet Dr. Ayanbadejo, our attending primary care physician. He is a board-certified family medicine doctor in the United States and Canada. With his experience and several years in practice, he gives patients the compassionate care they deserve. Dr. Ayanbadejo is a passion-driven physician who is ready to address your needs.


Together with him is Marie, our family nurse practitioner. They will both ensure you get the best medical service you need. Their dedication to providing excellent medical service to patients is top-notch. 

Why Choose Macley Family Practice and Walk-In Clinic

  • Save Time - Save yourself from the hassle and fuss of lining inside emergency rooms. Here at Macley, we can treat your minor illnesses that do not require emergency room care. 

  • Cut Costs - Getting checked inside the hospital is costly. In our Walk-in clinic, you’ll be in the best hands at the best cost!

  • Make Efficient Visits - Our team is very versatile. We offer a wide array of medical services to cater to your needs. It is our mission to care for you and make the most out of your clinic visits!


Our Medical Services

Macley Family Practice Offers:

Physical Exams

As part of primary care, it is important to be fit and be sure that you’re physically healthy before entering a new job or getting a driver’s license. Patients who need to undergo an assessment like athletes, applicants, and students, may go to our clinic for a regular physical exam.

Preventive Care

The most valuable concept in healthcare is prevention. We offer preventive and primary care services to help patients be properly aware of and educated about their health. Our clinic stresses the importance of prevention beyond any intervention.

Adult vaccinations

We care about your immune system. We administer vaccinations in the clinic and provide you with enough information on immunization and vaccine safety. There are a lot of preventable diseases that may be avoided when you receive your vaccine.

Urgent Care

We provide urgent care the moment you need it. For immediate conditions that require urgent care, we will be ready to attend to your needs. We make sure that you and your family are well-cared especially when urgency arises. We accept minor conditions that do not require emergency room care. This can save you a fraction of the total cost!

Men's Health

We offer consultations and treatments for conditions specific to males, including prostate problems, low testosterone, and sexual dysfunction. 

Our team, together with our primary care physicians, is committed to developing a comprehensive treatment plan that will meet your physical needs. Screening, initial assessments, and navigational assistance for ongoing services are also offered. 

Women's Health

Women’s and girls’ health is of particular concern. We provide counseling, information, and support for women’s health as part of our family practice. As part of our goal of prevention, we are here to provide you women’s health education and treatments available if required.

Lab Testing

Our clinic has laboratories where testing and necessary evaluations are performed. We are equipped with advanced tools and machines to ensure the results are accurate and reliable.

Pediatric Care

As a family care clinic, we value your kids’ health. We provide consultations, treatments, and health services for your infants and children. Like you, we want the best for them, so our goal is to keep them happy and ensure they get the best start in life.

Geriatric Care

We help the elderly plan and coordinate primary care to meet their long-term care needs and improve their quality of life. It is with utmost support that we maintain their health and wellness for their independence.

Adult Care

We offer a broad range of services for adult care. We specialize in family medicine, so it is our duty to give you quality education, disease prevention, and treatment of certain conditions.


Diabetes is among the most common diseases. With that, our clinic provides education because managing the disease requires full awareness. We help plan, intervene, and treat the needs of a diabetic patient to give quality primary care based on sustained standards.


Our clinic delivers the latest preventive, diagnostic, and therapeutic advances for patients with hypertension. High blood pressure requires specific care. We ensure the maintenance and control of your condition and give you the best options for your course. Whether you need urgent care or were referred by a specialist, we are ready to extend our helping hand.


Our clinic provides diagnosis and treatment to a wide range of infections. In the course of treatment, we help you understand the different methods of infection control to lessen the risk of recurring diseases brought about by microorganisms in the environment.

Weight loss

We will aid you in making an appropriate diet and exercise routine. Every plan differs from an individual to another, so having a customized dietary plan for every patient is a must. We will guide you about the different vitamins and supplements you may take to reach your weight loss goals.

Asthma Treatment

For patients with asthma, we offer an asthma action plan, asthma education, and management. We will advise you with self-care and self-management skills for you to cope up with your condition well.


Our clinic services include diagnostic testing, evaluation, and management of respiratory diseases. Our goal is to relieve your symptoms and prevent possible complications and progressions that may arise from the disease.



Pneumonia is a highly contagious infection, so we make sure to carefully examine, diagnose, and treat patients with the disease. Our clinic is equipped with highly-skilled professionals to assist you in managing respiratory infections.

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